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About us


Welcome to Kennel Merriott's 

Kennel Merriott's is a small kennel, based on serious breeding.

We aim to breed healthy, racetypical dogs, with good temperament.

We keep our dogs as companions, we also enjoy showing them.

We do not breed comercially but do have an occational litter of carefully

homereared puppies. 

I fell in love with the breed back in 1990. In 1991 I purchased my first Lhasa Apso.

Over the years more dogs came along - danish bred dogs as well as imports.

We have had imports from England, Germany, Netherlands, Macedonia, Poland and Sweden.

In 2012 we decided to exstend our family with 2 Afghan Hounds and ended with 3.

The newest member of the family is our little Tibetan Terrier, who we got in 2021.

Enjoy our homepage.

     Jette Yeoman

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